•        Check the general condition of driveways, patios and walks.
  •        Check window wells, dry wells and storm drains for blockage.
  •        Check fencing conditions and gate operation.
  •        Check retaining walls for cracks, bulges and leaning.
  •        Check all landscaping; trim all bushes and trees away from the house.
  •        Check that all surfaces drain rainwater away from the foundation.
  •        Check for proper grading and drainage throughout the property.
  •        Check lawn sprinkler system operation.
  •        Check all equipment in preparation for pool opening.


  •        Check all surfaces for gaps, damage or deterioration.
  •        Check joints for the condition of flashing’s and caulking.
  •        Treat or paint worn or exposed wood components.
  •        Check the condition of masonry chimneys and metal vents.
  •        Check foundation for signs of new settlement, cracking or spalling.


  •        Check for damaged screens or broken glass.
  •        Check weather stripping, caulking, and window putty.
  •        Check for frame decay or damage, especially at sills.
  •        Clean and install screens.
  •        Check and lubricate locks and hardware.


  •        Check for loose, damaged or missing roofing.
  •        Check fascia’s and soffits for signs of leaks or moisture build-up.
  •        Check all flashing’s for fit and seals.
  •        Check television antenna or satellite dish mounting.
  •        Check and clean all gutters and downspouts.
  •        Make sure downspouts direct water away roof juncture points and foundation.
  •        Clean fungi or algae from roof surfaces.


  •        Check all wooden components for decay or insects damage.
  •        Check that all guardrail and handrails are secure.  
  •        Check flooring and treads for wear or damage.
  •        Apply preservative to wood decking and components.
  •        Seal patios at foundation juncture.


  • Contact your local Pest control company (check for termites, spray for bugs, spiders, etc.)


  •        Check attic, ceilings and walls for evidence of leaks.
  •        Check ventilation openings for nests, or other blockage.
  •        Check condition of all painted or finished walls and trim.
  •        Check carpet and flooring for wear or damage.
  •        Check condition of all stairs and railings.
  •        Check condition and operation of all windows and doors.
  •        Test smoke/fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.


  •        Check for cracks or breaks in wall.
  •        Check for evidence of water infiltration or dampness.
  •        Check for decaying sills and window frames.
  •        Check for changes in framing conditions.
  •        Check crawlspace ventilation, insulation, and vapor retarders.
  •        Clean and test sump pump.


  •        Follow manufacturer instructions for HVAC systems maintenance.
  •        Inspect and install room air conditioners, if applicable.
  •        Clean all serviceable elements of the heating system.
  •        Make sure the outdoor cooling coils are clean and unobstructed.
  •        Change or clean heating and cooling system filters (regularly).
  •        Check venting systems for corrosion and leaks.
  •        Clean and de-energize humidifier.
  •        Check attic fan operation.


  •        De-winterize lines and check exterior faucets.
  •        Check water and waste piping for corrosion or leaks.
  •        Check hot water supply temperature setting.
  •        Follow manufacturer instructions for the water heater maintenance.
  •        Check well components.
  •        Check septic tank; pump if required.  


  •       Check the condition and operation of all appliances.
  •       Caulk and grout tile at tubs and showers.
  •       Clean aerators and shower heads.
  •       Check and repair all leaking faucets and valves.
  •       Check all toilet flush mechanisms.
  •       Clean or change range fan filters.
  •       Check and flush jetted baths piping.
  •       Look for any signs of excess indoor moisture.

Does your home need a professional spring check-up? Contact your local HouseMaster office and schedule a home inspection to help you organize your maintenance needs.